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Soul-less Spike: tried to rape Buffy and kill them all on several occasions

Soul-less Angel: tortured Giles and killed Ms Calendar and several other people [he also tried to bring on the end of the world]

Possessed by Hyenas Xander: tried to kill Willow and Buffy and tried to rape Buffy

Possessed Ms. Calendar: tried to kill Buffy

Demon Anya: tried to kill Buffy and killed a ton of other people

Dark Willow: nearly destroyed the entire world and would have killed everyone, almost killed Dawn by being reckless

Faith: plotted to take Angel’s soul and bring on the end of the world

Giles: summoned a demon that went along to kill his friends

Oz: as a werewolf has tried to attack/kill all of them

I agree, they’ve all done bad things and whether or not you forgive them is up to you BUT don’t just take it out on Spike and act like he’s the only bad guy. Just saying. Food for thought.


But spike lied to Buffy about how he got his soul back.  He told her that he went away specifically to get it back, when he had gone to get his chip removed.  He then used that he had heroically gotten his soul back for her in order to attempt to further his relationship with her.  I don’t blame spike for what he did when he couldn’t help it.  I blame him for what he did after. 


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